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Soul awakening made easy – The SAME² Way

This information is specially dedicated to people:

  • trying to bring a thorough change into their lives
  • hoping for a huge change in the world as a whole
  • trying always to see the positive, be positive, act positively
  • knowing that the real change needs to start within themselves
  • that are ready to do anything for the highest sake of all. Now.

If you tried already, surely you know that this is NOT easy.
In fact this is the hardest thing you can challenge yourself with.
But if this is your destiny, you can’t stop walking your spiritual path.
Likely you only have few true friends. Maybe you are completely alone.
This happens to fish, swimming up the stream.
And to humans, trying to be a light within this world.

Are you…

  • trying to follow the paths of Buddha, Jesus or Mohamed?
  • maybe open for a smart way – to shortcut decades of praying, meditation and exercises?

Welcome to the Golden Age. You just found the ‘Easy Button’.

Honoring the past

The ways of the past have been our foundation. There was nothing wrong with being religious or trying to find alternative approachs to spirituality.
We honor and value all the way to get here.
But it’s time for something entirely new.

Don’t you feel like being imprisoned by invisible forces?
Aren’t you upset seeing what happens in all the world?
This is part of what we call “the manifestation of the dark age.”

On all our paths of the past, our soul family was swimming up the stream. Whoever tried to bring light into this world was offended, chased and sentenced to prisons by dark forces. In the past, visible and invisible powers were commonly keeping up a system we hardly ever could escape from.
Almost everything in the outside still carries the signs of the dark age.

Maybe you felt close to give up and let go, because of that.
Please let me tell you that there is a shift taking place right now.

Who we humans are…

There is so much more to this existence than money and power.
We ARE souls. We ARE divine. We ARE the ones, we’ve been waiting for – for thousands of years.
There is a meaning of our presence in this time of change.
We are multidimensional beings, touching not only this planet or solar system.
As souls we are parts of the ‘source of all that is’. We are connected with all that is. Our existence is touching all that is in all realms, all dimensions, all levels of existence.
And we are the ones, bringing change and new creations into the world. Making use of the free will of our souls. Expressing the light within ourselves. Manifesting the Golden Age for all creation.

There is a time shift in process

Maybe you didn’t know yet. The Golden Age has recently started to rise and there is no way to stop it.
It’s like a giant pendulum, swinging now into a different direction than before.

With the beginning of 2020, the pendulum of creation has started a new move. It now swings towards the manifestation of the Golden Age.

The time shift means that the dark age has ended already. Only most of humanity didn‘t recognize it yet. Therefore most people try to go on doing what they always did. But a big thing changed. And this is why things don‘t work the same way as before. Driving many ones to go nuts.

An other effect of the time shift is very positive for you: whatever you did to cherish the light up to now – from now on, it’ll be way easier than ever before.
It‘s like before we always were swimming up the stream. Now the direction of the stream itself changed.

As light bringers, we finally and first time ever are pushed from behind by the universal flow. Making things easy for us as they have never been.

How to become part of the Golden Age Pioneers

Becoming part of the manifestation of the Golden Age is your future.

This is why this information is touching you deep inside.
To get access to the Golden Age, all of us, we have to complete the old cycles correctly. Otherwise we’ll always be pulled back by things coming up, either from the outside or from within ourselves.

Using methods of the past, it would take decades of forgiving, healing and letting go.
All karmic bonds of your past need to be released. And the whole experience of polarity needs to get transformed. From light and dark to gold.

As a invaluable gift, Irene and me, we were guided to find new ways. To incredibly speed up this process we call “Soul Awakening and Ascension”.

A shortcut to lightning speed

‘The SAME² Way’ is opening up new dimensions of progress in healing and empowering your soul.
If you have been searching for the “Easy Button”, please give ‘The SAME² Way’ a try.

There are two aspects we are covering with ‘The SAME² Way’, the ² is standing for:

Soul Awakening Made Easy.

Helping you to:

  • free your soul from all prisons of the past
  • detach yourself from manipulations
  • end commitments to the dark side
  • heal your wounds from the past
  • puzzle the pieces of your soul
  • become present as a new born superhuman

Soul Ascension Made Easy.

Helping you to:

  • stabilize yourself in clarity and high energies
  • find your true purpose and live it
  • come into a mega flow on a daily basis
  • overcome all bonds and effects of the past
  • cope with every challenge life brings to you
  • become a core part of the Golden Age Pioneers

Experience ‘The SAME² Way’. You can easily walk ‘The SAME² Way’ too.

Of course you doubt.

Reading my claims above makes doubts arise in a natural way.

There are so many people claiming to be able to do things they can not. Making lots of money based on deception and false promises.
Of course you doubt whether this “Easy Button” could truely work for anybody. Or even for you.

I do like your doubt. Because it makes you take a close look.
Bringing you to a clear vision (or even better: feeling) of what you meet in front of you.

For myself the truth is one of my highest values. Therefore please see and feel yourself whether this is for you – or not.

As a soul guy I feel like intoducing us to you in a very personal way. For you to get a clear feeling about whether you can trust us – or not. Please visit our page about us.

How ‘The SAME² Way’ came up in 2020

Irene and me, we were going through a time of preparation for decades. But there are many more souls, being part of a new power on this planet: the Golden Age Pioneers.

We are in touch with individuals in several countries already, that clearly feel they are part of this group. One contact was most inspiring and accelerating for us: Anita and Tobias Frieser combined with ASEA – that are pioneers in redox signaling molecules.

This is synergy at it’s best:

Anita and Tobias brought in invaluable experience in using ASEA (and network marketing) and we brought in an exceptional experience and power working on soul healing and transformation.

Leading all of us to a quantum leap in bringing light into this world. And to a whole new level of efficacy in raising people′s energy.

To be honest, before these events we felt like: “There’s got to be more, to make our work accessible for many more people without draining ourselves too much.”

In the same time, many of the ASEA Team (including Anita and Tobias) felt like: “There is much more about ASEA. There are effects in metaphysic realms – but how can we find out more?”

Well, like when oxygen and hydrogen gas get together, a single spark (idea) leads to a big “booommm”.

Since the very day we connected our work with ASEA, things are falling into their places in incredible speed.

In fact, no one of us is pushing things.
They just happen. It feels like everything has been prepared for decades.
By now, we are riding a rocket that has been ignited in a proper way. And most of all: it’s easy! (The way we are sure it should be.)

Your shortcut to trying ‘The SAME² Way’ soon

If you are more into the ‘ignition button’ rather than the ‘read more button’: here you get what you are looking for!
To jumpstart giving ‘The SAME² Way’ a try, you need at least one bottle of ASEA and a telephone.

If you don’t know ASEA yet, please klick here for more information.

Give us a call to get to know you. Tell us briefly whatever you need to change in the now – and your visions for your future.
We will find out whether we can work with you directly. Maybe we have to ask you for preparational steps.
If things go fast, Irene will provide you with programming your ASEA over the distance.

Otherwise please order your personal ‘food and drink transformer‘ online beforehand.

That’s it. There is nothing more you need. Other than being ready for a lift-off into a new life.

The concept of ‘The SAME² Way’

Please let me apologize first, for a very complex concept. In fact it is like a clockwork where every single wheel needs to be in place for the whole thing to work.
And please accept, that nearly all of this information came to us in a guided way.

Without us doing mental stuff or trying to achieve egoistic goals.
Maybe you are familiar with part of this information. Most of it is the opposite of common beliefs.

1. We ARE Souls

We are not our minds, our bodies, our money, our achievements.
Each and every one of us is a part of ‘the source of all that is’.
As souls we cannot die. We are energy. We are consciousness. We are feeling.

We are collecting experiences for the source of all that is. And as part of ‘The SAME² Way’ we bring this task to an end. More information further down.

2. The reason for the creation to EX-IST

The clue we got is that the source started to create the whole creation within itself. Trying to open up new dimensions of experience for itself. Being all that is, infinitely – within every milisecond. Forever. Beyond time and space.
Ex-istance is latin, meaning “to be outside of something”. But in fact our existance in some way is part of an enormeous illusion – created by the source itself. In order to manifest new potentials. Through living parts of itself, believing in being separated from the source. That are us.

Being deceived that we’d be separated although we always were one with all that is.
And we are still inside of the source of all that is. Only separated by something we call ‘the veil’.

3. The experience of spiritual birth

For us humans, when we go back in time back to the very first experience of our soul: the spiritual birth is to be seen.
Like our physical birth, this is a very individual process.
There is a story even before, like the pregnancy and the moment of conception. What happens before the spiritual birth is defining trends of the soul. We call it ‘the striving of the soul’ that is defined by the source itself.
The moment of spiritual birth is for all souls traumatic. Because of predefined trends these traumas are perceived in individual ways. Leading into various patterns that repeat mostly to this very day.
These patterns can be changed. But only by souls that worked themselves through all the illusions of the veil and below. This is what we did for a lot of years now. And this is part of ‘The SAME² Way’, the incredibly easy way for your spiritual ascension.

4. Crossing the veil - enmeshing us in illusions

To understand the spiritual birth adequately we had to work with many people for 2-3 years. The same time was necessary for us to get able to understand and transform the nature of the veil.
For us, crossing the veil was one of the most challenging steps in our whole journey. Because there are so many and so hard to identify illusions.

The things we got to know about the veil are worth a separate book. So complex and deep in variations.
To make it short: within the veil every single one of us gets trapped in powerful illusions. Making us believe things that are not true. Making us step into more and more traps over time. Until we got stuck, hardly able to move in any way.

5. Being shaked by polarity

The nature of polarity is to break apart the wholeness of the source. Every single thing is split into two aspects. These are tho contradictions of black and white, hot and cold and all of those aspects, that are like the two sides of a coin. Every coin has ‘head and number’, but it is impossible to see both sides at a time.
Maybe using tools like mirrors it is possible to achieve anyway… but in a natural way it isn’t possible.
No matter which pole we see… we always miss the other half. Our reality is designed to always show us both poles, but in different time/space coordinates.
Many people try to consciosly work with concepts like the law of attraction to achive what they feel like would be the best.
Our experience shows, that on low levels (like car parking spots) those approachs may work. Only if you get to relevant things to your live as a whole… they do not work.
Honestly speaking, we tried for decades to expand our light and to shrink the impact of the dark on us. Always succeeding in some way; but getting thrown back somehow after a very short time.
We found out that the striving of the soul is something which needs to be undone. Because it is polar and it leads us to endlessly turn the same wheels.
All souls are shaken so much by polarity. Surely you know what I am talking about.
Setting you free from the predefined striving of your soul is part of ‘The SAME² Way’ too.

6. Overcoming polarity

All former traditions knew about the prison named polarity. And there were found different approaches to deal with this problem.

  • Some try to only be positive. Pushing all dark aspects away from their conscious identifications (this is not me). Always experiencing the dark to them from the outside. Often struggeling and fighting with the feeling that there is darkness also within themselves (like obsessions and occupancies). Christians for example are very much like this.
  • Some even try to just be negative. Identifying themselves with dark power, using black magic, pursuing satanic rituals like torturing and killing animals or even humans. Some in large scales, some just private. Almost every single member of the world’s leaders in politics, economics, business and religions belongs to those. They are fighting the light like Dracula – but because of the time shift that took place already, they also are in a process of realizing, that they cannot win the fight. That there is light within themselves too.
  • Some try to get to the middle of the poles. This is the spiritual way of the past, that wise men and women chose. Buddhism for example is claiming to bring people there.
    If you take a close look, you’ll see that their striving for ‘nothingness’ is serving the sake of the dark forces. Abusing and consuming the good will and energies of millions of believers. Leading them officialy to ‘nirwana’ (being beyond sound). Causing inofficially a loss of focus, willpower, life force and money too.
    On Youtube, there are very experienced people sharing insights about such things. We can confirm this by our own energetic recognitions.
    There are dark forces in the higher levels of all religious hierarchies. There is no difference, be it the christian, muslim, jewish or other churches. This kind of game is not easy to recognize, because those dark forces are hiding themselves from the public since centuries.
    If you have the power to feel, you’ll be able to feel the dark energies in religious leaders that are hiding themselves behind layers of holyness and manipulative speech.

For us, all of these three options mean wasting our lives. Likely you too are NOT following these major paths, because they feel odd to you.

If you are still at home in a religious context, please accept my apology! My intention is not to bring you in troubles. I just know by heart, that only the very truth is able to really heal humans and situations. 
If the truth was to come into everybody’s mind, there would be no war, no abuse and abundance all over this planet. And this is exactly what we are working on.

We feel that there is a meaning in our presence on this planet. We are here to make a difference by bringing light in.

Me, I found myself in a dilemma in 2015. Desperately striving for a solution for the fight between light and dark to show up.
I realized, that all those dark forces always have been a part of me! Although I had always considered them to be the very opposite of myself,

It is is like the two sides of a coin: You cannot see both of them at the same time, but they are the two aspects or faces of the same one thing.

Sitting in a strong meditation about this issue, I got to a very clear insight: all the dark I was always fighting is part of me anyway. So I got to open up my arms, inviting all the darkness – that only was pushed away by my consciousness – to dance and merge with me.
Please note, that I already had an invincible connection to divine love and light. As a base for me for not having to fear the dark at all.

What happened, was amazing. The outcome of merging the light and the dark within myself was not grey. It was pure gold.

This is the process of overcoming polarity, which is part of ‘The SAME² Way’. Making you free to be everything. Whatever situations may ask from you.

You’ll clearly feel that there are no more restrictions to certain poles within yourself.
So you’ll be able to fully embody exactly what’s needed. For the highest sake of all that is.

7. Healing traumas

Everybody is talking about traumas of childhood or maybe birth. For more than 10 years we are healing traumas – mostly from past lives and higher realms. Especially the spiritual birth is part of this area.
Furthermore we always see that there are forces that lead into those traumatic situations way before the traumas took place. If those are not cleared, please guess what will happen over time? Another trauma will occur.
Therefor we always take close looks – so that programs, resonances, deceptions and false beliefs also get transformed.
This way you’ll get over traumas so well, that you likely loose all memories connected to them.

8. Correcting false interpretations of your soul

We often come across situations, where a simple ‘aha!’ is the perfect solution.
For example if you suddenly find yourself within a dark space. Coming from the experience of being one with all that is. Feeling there is no way to get back. Eventually you asume that you are not loved any more. Or that you did something wrong.
Whatever conclusion you found within yourself: it has not been the truth. You had no idea about what really happened. And by that you chose directions of feeling and beliefs… leading you into the very situations, you don’t like in your present life.
When the real causes for patterns in your life are truely found. When you get to understand that it was you misinterpretating situations of the past. All of that can be healed in very short time.

9. Breaking contracts of the past

As we were going through the manifestation of the dark age, we had to accept certain things at some points of our journey. In other words all of us said “yes” to bow ourselves below the dark force somehow.
Sometimes to save our very lives. Sometimes to save the lives of others. Sometimes to be able to fight back.Sometimes to survive emotionally.
No matter what you accepted. It still holds you back. No matter if you remember or not. Those contracts are in effect, needing to be broken by free will. Consciously.
We do not look into your accounts, telling you all that there is. Within your life situations will show up. Telling us that there are contracts needing to be broken.

10. Solving burdens of the family system

Working on personal issues on the level of family system became quite a common approach to solve various issues in the past decades. There are amazing things to feel and changes visible within such group seminars.20 years ago I participated some 30 Familienaufstellungen and did 3 of my own. Every single time my problems were worsening tremendously afterwards.

What we found out is, that in this work the true root situations often are not revealed. So they cannot get solved. Furthermore is the cosciousness and the transformational power of the therapeuts often not strong enough to find or manifest solutions. By only putting lots of energy into the dark mesh without solving, things go terribly worse.

Walking ‘The SAME² Way’ and based on our extraordinary experience and sensitivity, we directly find the root situations. By cooperating with the source of all that is, things get transformed completely. Reliefs are manifesting directly into the lives of the whole family.

11. Balancing the karmic accounts of your soul

In the indian tradition it is very clear that every single thought, spoken word and action is like a seed. There are growing plants and the fruit of these plants are things that all of us, we have to eat.
In western traditions there is a saying: Only do to others what you like them to do to you.
There is a dimension, where balances are kept beyond time and space. Where nothing is forgotten.

Many spiritual people know this by heart and try to do good as much as they can. But if you do things that drain your own energy (leading to self sacrifice) or if you let others decide how your life goes (being upset after years of bowing yourself to dark forces)… you need to face the fact that it was yourself deciding to do those things. And you have to eat the fruits. At least until now.

In fact this complete game was driven by manipulations of the souls starting with the polar striving and strong deceptions inside of the veil, followed by indoctrinations by churches and other leaders and much more.

As part of ‘The SAME² Way’ we are able to release your soul from all of that.
Not only you’ll get sentenced to be free. You will get to a deep understanding of the complete flow of situations from the very start down to the present time. And you’ll see and know that there was nothing wrong.
We are part of all that is. And every soul just did what it was meant to experience. No matter what it was. There were no mistakes. There is no guilt. No need to forgive. We all are one.

12. Transcending all the experience

As a last step, to finally finish circles of experience, we found out how to transcend in a proper way.

Transcension means to overcome, to finish and most of all complete cycles.
If there is a single thing missing, transcension can not be done. But as we are working very properly, we often get to the point of transcension.
This works for single areas like fears, anger, traumas etc. – up to all the way of your journey through incarnations. Depending on your individual state.

Maybe you can imagine that things like this cannot be done by humans (alone). Only the power of the source of all there is is capable of truely fulfiling such intentions.
We are able to guide people to such steps – and we know we only can ask for it to happen.

There is no way to trick. But as a result, we see people being reliefed in a way you hardly can imagine.
Such results are stable over time. They are the entrance into a new life.

13. Transformation of your 'old' ego into a golden ego

There are various beliefs about what ego might be. Here you surely find new informations and a completely new way to deal with the ego.

First of all, the ego is NOT something to overcome or we need to get rid of.

Most of all, the ego has been one of the most powerful chains, binding all of us to polarity. Grounding us within the manifestation of the dark age. So that every spark of light or love within ourselves could easily be quenched.

The fun thing (for the dark forces) of the ego is, that it doesn’t matter which pole you choose. You’ll always get stuck in beliefs and feelings that make you feel bad or lead into bad situations.

Working for years on many layers of the topic “ego”, we found out that there are uncountable aspects of it. For example all of us, we have a

  • human ego – making us believe we ARE humans – seperating us from the source of all there is by scientific beliefs; or making us believe in religious doctrines that are NOT true – connecting us with energies and entities that mostly suck off our life force.
  • spiritual ego – making us believe we ARE spirits – overestimating ourselves, making us feel better than anyone; or underestimating ourselves, making us feel worth less than anyone.
  • power ego – making us feel powerful – so we feel like “I can do anything I like”, so we overuse our bodies, our brains or others (creating karma in form of illness or hate from others); or making us feel powerless (which is way more common for spiritual people), letting us run in circles that are bad and frustrating.

This topic is surely worth a whole book or an online course. Just to give you an idea of the concept, I explained three ego aspects.

To make you understand more, please accept that all of these egos are essential powers for everyone of us. For example, the human ego is giving us clarity about a lot of relevant things – like knowing that we have to eat and drink, that we are kind of different from other animals and so on.
Serving the dark side, we feel like being the top of creation, subdueing all life (or even other religions) below us. 

On a higher level of consciousness we feel like ‘the next step’ in creation. Bringing light into everything. Loving every thing and every creature within the creation. Honoring all the creation for the divine force within. This would be a human ego in it’s highest form. Making us realize that it is us, who are making the difference, bringing light and the change, some of us are waiting for a long time already.

(to be continued soon)

14. Getting in touch with your inner source

This step of ‘The SAME² Way’ will be a revolution within you. 

There is one part within all of us, that remained untouched by polarity and the darkness. This a part of you, that still is one with the source of all there is. 1oo% pure. Being able to provide you with all the power you need for anything.

If you did not experience ‘the easy button’ in a step before this one, this will be it.

We came across the information about this step working with a german guy in december 2019. And this very day marks the end of his drama forever.
He had a hard time for almost 5 years, not knowing what’s really going on. Undergoing several spiritual educations. Trying every way he got to know. Not being able to touch a new ground, that would have adequate for his soul, striving to access a new life.

Getting in touch with his inner source changed his life completely. He instantly felt an overwhelming relief. Energies of happyness floating his body. Feeling safe, secure and complete. 
Before he was not able to stabilize himself energetically by any means. From this very moment on, there has’nt  been a single thing or situation able to make him shake. He feels like being able to deal with anything. There is no more doubt within himself, which is a revolution.

Because you are different, this step may be different for you also.

For myself, I felt like a cave. Getting to access waters that are as huge as the oceans. 
In an other way it feels like I am a plant that’s roots didn’t have access to water. Not being able to grow, always experiencing being in need of the power of water.
Before that, I often felt like: “No, I cannot…”. Since this very day I feel like I can do anything. No more restrictions. No more lack.

15. Awakening of the source of all there is within you

soon to come…


16. activating your energy system within the fifth dimension

On a certain energetic level, we all are (or have been) stuck within the 3D.

Now there is a clear way you can leave gravity behind and enter a whole new experience.
Soon I’ll explain more about this step.

17. Understanding who you are and what is your purpose

Only few of the people coming to us have an idea about who they really are on the soul level.

Imagine you are the pilot of an airplane but you just forgot about it. Who’s going to make that airplane fly?
In the worst case somebody who hasn’t got a clue of all the information a pilot has.  Leading all into a catastrope.

Knowing who you really are on the deepest levels of your soul is not ‘nice to have’. It is essential for every decision you make from dawn to night. It is one of the most important things you may be conscious of. Shurely this makes a difference. And it is the key for you to manifest changes within your life, you can hardly estimate.

Walking ‘The SAME² Way’ includes 3 ways of receiving information about yourself and your purpose:

1) provided by Michael as Soul Guide, having Soul Talks.
2) provided by Irene, being inspired by your soul and the source of all that is.
3) provided by your soul, making you dream very intensely and manifesting situations, that guide you to realizing more and more. To get more clarity about the important things. Feeling more. Knowing more – within yourself.

18. Experiencing impowerment on the soul level

Most of the souls that are light-bringers within this world are having a very difficult time when it comes to the aspect of power.

Because of bad experiences in past lives, most of us neglected making use of power.
And this is the reason for the very powerlessness, so many experience in their lives.

This is one out of many effects of the manifestation of the dark age. Of course it feels very bad to be powerless in essential regards. Having others around you, that make decisions for you, you shurely dislike.

By walking ‘The SAME² Way’ you’ll go through every step that is necessary for getting back all of your power and live it in a new way.

  • free yourself from prisons of the past
  • break contracts that pass over your power to others
  • clarify misunderstandings of your soul
  • realize the truth about illusions you were held in
  • setting you free from all magic and karmic forces
  • opening the space within you for your soul to come in
  • giving you orientation about concrete challenges coming up in your life
  • providing clarity and the power to stand firm to your new self
19. Bringing your purpose into life and a good flow

soon to come…

Are you ready for lift-off?

It is possible for you to make use of the cutting edge of both science and soul power now.
Walking ‘The SAME² Way’. Soul Awakening and Ascension Made Easy!

Please make yourself ready for a quantum leap, achieving rocket speed in your soul empowerment process.
We’ll share more informations about this amazing new ways in short.

Please come back soon to see Testimonials about ‘The SAME² Way’ and many more new informations.

Welcome to the Golden Age and the Easy Way – Michael (Irene and Kids)