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Lucifer – the light bringer

Searching the web via Google I found lots of informations – which I find amazing.
The most common is, that the name ’Lucifer’ is a direct translation of latin, meaning Light Bringer.

There are numerous articles about

  • who Lucifer was
  • how he was created by God
  • what happened afterwards
  • Symbols, meanings, interpretations and a lot more.

This is really amazing stuff and for some people (like me) maybe very interesting. Asides from that I want to focus on the main question in the minds of our readers.

Is this website related to Lucifer?

The answer is: No. There is no special relationship to Lucifer. 

The only thing relating to Lucifer is practically the same name if you translate it into English. So maybe some people might suspect a relation although there is none.

I hope this is a clear statement for you, giving you a good feeling about us.

Love – Michael