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About us

Hi! I'm Michael. Soul Guide.

This is a recent photo of myself. Maybe you feel like "Hey! I know this guy!"... and yes. Very likely you know me. Not from this very lifetime. But there is more about you... that will come up in 'The SAME² Way' process.

I am born in febuary 1964 in Frankfurt/Main, Living in Germany until 2016.

For me, working on the soul level and being in a channel for love and appreciation means everything. If you feel like "Yes! this is right for me!" your soul will shine through your eyes and your smile too. Please choose less burdens and more clarity and just give us a call.

This is our home - wherever we are

Since 2014 I live in a Caravan, sharing 11m² with my wife Irene and our 3 children.
We are living off grid. Free to move whenever we like - wherever we like. By letting go of all the treasures we worked hard for and collected for decades, we received a great gift: liberty.

Our transporter is our storage for toys, seasonal stuff and my mobile carpenters workshop.  Within the caravan we have our space for living, a fully equiped office and even Irene's tailor's workshop.

Our Landrover makes short trips and shopping easy, especially for Irene and the kids.

Until 2010 I ran a designer's business

For 20 years I used to design and build high-class furniture for privates and enterprises in my own workshop. I still love working with wood or whatever material to create wonderful things.

In my business I failed, because I never asked for an adequate price and a few clients did not pay at all. It was hard for me to let go of my 350m² house with  workshop, office and living space. But letting go of tons of stuff was a huge relief and saved my life after all.

Now I enjoy very much to work less in the physical and to achieve way more on all levels in a very guided way.

I had a first marriage for 18 years, having a daughter born in 1998. In this relation I failed because I thought that the people in the outside are just mirrors of my inside. But there is so much more to the law of reflection, I got to know afterwards.

In cooperation with Irene, my wife and mother of 3 more children we created a bunch of energetic products that could do a great job in healing the world. We failed because the time had not been ready yet.

Sharing my failures I try to tell you that life often is not easy. And for some time may be no fun. But if you always get yourself back on your feet and proceed in a meaningful direction - the best would be in accordance with your soul - you will smile and be happy in the end.

Now, after a long journey, many years of hard energetic work and asceticism I am in a mega flow in all regards. Because me and my wife Irene, we clarified all burdens of the past and we finally became Pioneers of the Golden Age.

How we got to become Golden Age Pioneers

Guided by our higher selves, our souls, our soul guides, the forces of light, Christus and the source of all that is we were driven to not follow existing paths - but to create new ones.

Especially Irene found herself in a more and more conscious cooperation with lightbeings that call themselves 'the commitee of ascension'.

We are like ice breakers in the polar regions and did an exhausting job in farthest regions of the soul world, for years. Sometimes guided only by our own inner compass, by our feeling within we are working together since 2009 on an everyday basis.

Irene and me, we went through a process of soull awakening that took us 20/30 years. There was no rush, or grabing it all in an instance.
It needed phases of inner work - when we needed to retreat from our active lives. And sometimes we needed full action in the physical dimension - for to manifest the changes within ourselves in the outside.
One more thing was an important key for our success: we never gave up.

Michael's mission

I call myself Soul Guide because so many souls have been guided to meet me - in order to access higher levels of understanding about who they really are. About their purpose, how to deal with challenges and what to do next.

This is part of my purpose within the big picture. But now the time has come for me to give many more people a helping hand. By making things easier. By breaking chains of the past. By not only giving inspiriation - but concrete advise in how to walk through your soul awakening process in an adequate (and most of all easy) way.

The Mastermind, creating the essentials of 'The SAME² Way'

This is Irene - very much connected

For many years, Irene is in touch with very high frequencies. Being inspired to create things, the world hasn't seen yet.

The contact to the realms of light always was closer to her, than being 'down to earth'. Today she is grounded in an amazing way - allowing her to manifest heavenly meals, clothes, homes, gardens and energetic tools.

Most of all, she is specially guided fom above. Always ready to follow her intuition and her soul calling without compromises. 


Mother of four children

giving birth to three sons and a daughter in 2004, 2010, 2012 and 2015.

Since 2000 she consciously is on her soul journey. Each of our children was pushing strongly  from birth on, to make her (us) work hard in energetic areas, they had been connected to before.

A main gift that she can rely on, is being inspired and guided by the source of all that is. And having things in her conscious awareness, that exceed by far what others are capable of keeping in mind.

Creator of 'Golden Age' energetic tools

In 2011 she was confronted with issues of a client, leading her to create our 'Food and Drink Transformer'. This little tool contains a vast number of programs and effects that are to be sensed by very sensitive people - as well as by babies and pets too.

The picture above is showing a small part of Irene's energetic tools creations - that have also been jewelery, painted pictures, interior design, Clothing and much more.
Always having a strong impact on their users.

Irenes's Mission

Irene really is the mastermind, having so many things in her mind while asking the source of all that is for transformations... that things really do change in miraculous ways.

She is here for to finally change things, that have been stuck since the start of all creation. To inspire, design and manifest a new life.
If you choose, she will bring transforation in your life too.


We are ASEA Team partners now

If you don't know ASEA yet, please visit our partner website at teamasea.com. Translated into numerous languages you'll find any information you may be interested in - such as who is ASEA, what is ASEA and a lot more - including your way to order ASEA.

A new website for our Food and Drink Transformer

For our central energetic Transformer Tool called Food and Drink Transformer we just built a brand new website. You will find all information and documentation about backgrounds, meanings, functionality and user experience there. Please klick on the image to get there.