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Light Bringers – the new Soul Driven Leaders on planet earth

The time has come to live your destiny.

If your soul is part of ’the family of light bringers’, your life is in a massive change already.

Almost everybody fears change – but if you are a light bringer, this is your chance to get lucky and smile like Elli. That is our daughter and the first Light Bringer we ever met.

The superior megatrend we call ‘the manifestation of the dark age’ has recently come to an end.

Not everybody is yet able to feel that. But still it is true.

As far as we can see, this is the timeshift and the beginning of The Golden Age.

Likely for you too, this is the first time ever,

  • to not swim against the flow any more
  • easily gain power
  • achieve what you came here for
  • be fulfilled with light and happiness
  • shine your light into many hearts and minds

If you feel uncomfortable about the name Light Bringer because it is used only for Lucifer so far, please read more in this blogpost.

Are you a light bringer?

  • an open heart
  • to be driven by your human empathy
  • being aware that all creation is ONE

These are signs of people, that on their soul level feel like bringing light into this world. We call them also soul driven leaders.

Compared to the actual politics and economy leaders, we perceive such humans as evolved individuals, that are lights in the world.


Because our soul purpose is to bring a positive change to the world, we dedicated our lives to support individuals in their Soul Empowerment processes.

There is an urgent need for a huge number of evolved individuals to lead mankind into a new era.

We call this new era The Golden Age.
As far as we can see, this has already started with the year 2020.

This very moment in time

The time right now is like at sunrise: the darkness is vanishing. The light is coming up and getting stronger. Even though the sun is not directly visible yet.

By now, we have to focus on inner processes, because the Golden Age is being built within evolved individuals. Only as a second step, it will be reflected into the outside world.

If you feel like “YES, this feels true to me!” please get in touch with us!

So that we can support you in your inner evolution process. That is Soul Awakening and Soul Empowerment. Combined with getting over polarity we call it ‘The Golden Transformation’.

There are new and very smart ways to shortcut your access to these next levels. After decades of hard work, we are so happy to provide easy and effective ways.

Furthermore you may reconnect on our social platform (that is work in progress) with your soul family – that are light bringers and soul driven leaders.

Burdens of the past

I hope you fully agree, that the world we live in – until this very day – is ‘the manifestation of the dark age’. This is the very reason for the dark forces, to be on top of everything.

It is not only ‘some’ politicians, companies or religions.

Not a single thing is not based upon roots in the dark. There has not been any alternative – other than ‘cold light’ (without true heart), based on luziferic drama.

If you honestly try to face the truth, you should see that today’s political, economical and religious leaders are ego driven.
Nearly all of them just try to achieve the best for themselves. Not caring about damages of people or nature.

If you look into the history of mankind, you’ll clearly see that this is part of our game since the beginning of all creation.

The positive forces were always present,  but mostly disempowered and abused like donkeys.

You are soul driven

If you…

  • clearly feel love for everything and everyone within your heart – including yourself
  • value the sake of all higher than your own profit
  • cannot be tempted to abuse – neither humans nor nature – just for some personal advantage
  • are ready to go ‘all in’, in order to fulfil the purpose of your soul. In service of all that is…

…we feel that you really are soul driven.

If you are a leader soul, you are different from most of the others, from birth on.

Likely to this very day, you think that you are ‘not that special’.
Maybe you still try to be ‘just a normal human’, but…

…you are NOT normal.

You can not degrade your purpose because you feel embarassed about your greatness.

Please take a deep breath and accept that your soul is special – and that you need to live your purpose. Now.

Your experience up to now

Maybe you tried to be part of the human community (like family, friends and colleges) – but if you are a light bringer, surely you often had situations when…

  • others felt bad in your presence
  • people did absolutely not understand you
  • somebody told you that you were wrong
  • you have been offended to your surprise  

    Most of the light bringers we got to know so far have conclusions in their minds, like:

    • “I am wrong.”
    • “I am in the wrong place.”
    • “I have no idea what this life is all about.”
    • “There is nobody able to understand me.”
    • “I neither can help myself – nor others.”

    Becoming aware of your true self

    We clearly understand, that you felt bad about yourself in a way, but…

    you are not a bad person at all.

    You just couldn’t manage to get in touch with your soul, with your purpose and with your soul family.

    In fact, you may still be surrounded by servants of the dark side. That do hold you back in amazing ways, from becoming aware of who you really are.


    Your soul is a great one! 

    The main problem up to now is, that you are used to live within the manifestation of the dark age and time was not ready for light bringers to become active in a successful way.

    In history, we already tried several times to bring light into this world. But the superior megatrend, the spirit of time and the superior flow did not allow the forces of light to become dominant yet.

    Get in touch with your true purpose

    What if you…

    • would fully understand who you are?
    • were back in the arms of your beloved ones from your home world?
    • could recall what you came here for in the first place?
    • found guides, that helped you to find the easiest way out of this weird jungle of traps and deception?

    Would life be different for you?

    You just hit the spot.

    At light-bringers.net nobody will tell you to wear the shoes of others.

    You will get in touch with your very own purpose. You will break free from the prisons of the dark age.

    You will heal your soul, become fully empowered and live what you were meant to be sharing with others.

    Enjoy being on this planet finally!

    We are family

    Having fun is way better with beloved ones! Meeting us, you not only found people that are able and willing to:

    • understand who you really are
    • pick you up, no matter where you are in your soul awakening process
    • explain to you in detail how to proceed step by step in your very individual soul empowerment process.

    You also found the first members of your soul family – the true light bringers on planet earth.

    I hope you can feel that we are not crazy people, trying to make you addicted to fancy surrogates of true happiness.

    I wish you can feel the love, rising like the sun within your heart – just by getting in touch with us in this very moment.

    Please feel free and very welcome to give us a call or maybe send an email. Contact details are on top of this page.
    Greetings from our hearts!

    Michael, Krishna, Elli, Irene and Tobias

    Come and play with us – in the light bringer′s league

    As a light bringer you have been isolated from your soul family for a long time already.

    You have been in a state of disorientation, waiting for the day of your ’come back’ to finally arrive.

    Now you will experience your Soul Awakening, Soul Empowerment and surpass polarity. But not only to have fun for yourself.

    You are here to CHANGE THE WORLD.

    Our world can only be changed by evolved individuals, that are team players.

    Every one…

    • having very special gifts and powers
    • finding the perfect fit for his or her contribution
    • sharing without fears of ego
    • working on the common goal

    This is the way we form an entire league, that is truly different from others.

    Evolution 2.0 starts now

    The whole sum of experiences we made as humanity has been collected within time, space and polarity.

    The energy of the source of all that is had to split off, forming earth, water, fire and air. These four dividing into the three divine aspects of father, son and spirit – that are represented by the twelve astrological signs. All of those split into polar aspects makes a sum of twentyfour. Visuallized by 3 circles of 8 petals each, within our logo image.

    Evolution 2.0 is to merge all of those into ONE.  Within your self.

    These 24 Aspects of ’the source of all that is’ have always been hidden by polarity (symbolized by the yin/yang center inside of our logo image).
    Up to now, we always experienced either black or white, seperated by time and space.

    This image shows polarity as the motor and center of a new movement. That shows all the 24 aspects openly, fully blossomed, all at once, connected in a perfect fit and harmony.

    As parts of THE ONE – the golden self, that achieved to merge all, within itself.

    This is for you

    At light-bringers.net we are working on building an online centre, where light bringers from all over the planet will find informations about

    • who you really are
    • how to seize your inner gifts
    • successfully going through your inner Golden Transformation process
    • what other light bringers do to make a difference in the physical world
    • how to co-create a new world for all

    But ’information only’ wouldn’t provide you with all you need. 

    kiss Michael and Irene laughing

    There will be a members area like at facebook – but with full control over all your data, full privacy and no censorship at all!

    This is where you will meet people that in fact are much alike you, because they come from the same soul family.
    Having the same purpose as you: to co-create a new world, that is a reflection of The Golden Age within ourselves.

    As long as we are working on this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and make the first contact with us.
    Welcome home!